Gear Patrol on Minnesota 2.0

Framed knows that we don’t all have a few thousand dollars to blow on a new type of bike. They set out to make a comprehensive fat bike for under $900. The Minnesota 2.0 differentiates itself in more ways than price alone. Its shorter cockpit provides more of freeride feel, which should spur some inventive ways of hucking, and the ability to easily switch to some Framed Fattie Slims will make rolling around town much faster. The Minnesota comes in at a hefty 35 pounds (no fat jokes), but at the price point is well equipped with a mix of SRAM and Avid components.

Bicycle Times on Minnesota 2.0

Framed is trying to create a bike that rides smaller than it is and provides a more aggressive feel on the trail. It also places more of the rider’s weight in the rear center, allowing for better rear wheel traction. Initially the “short” top tube felt really odd to me, but about halfway into my first ride the bike did start to give me a bit of a playful vibe. At around 34.5lbs the bike isn’t light by any measure, but does fall in line with similarly spec’d models around the industry. Coming off a light mountain bike, there is definitely a bit more umph required to get through some of the more techy uphill sections and rolling around familiar trails feels a bit more arduous. With on-trail tire pressure adjustments made in accordance with some more seasoned fat bike riders’ suggestions, things felt a bit better. A lot of the small, harsh trail features seemed less apparent when rolled over with so much squishy rubber. So far my take away is it rolls over stuff, it’s fun, and I can’t wait to ride it some more.

Mitchell on his Minnesota 2.0

I have taken this bike on extremely rugged terrain and it continues to prove the quality of Framed Bikes. Framed makes bikes that are extremely durable, reliable and on top of that, they have a fresh look. If I had to buy another bike today, I would definitely stick with a Framed bike.